3 Cousins Firearms is a Family/veteran-owned business located in Lewiston, Maine. We are looking to be a one-stop-shop for your hunting, shooting, and accessory needs. We strive to have the best selection of Firearms, ammunition, and Archery equipment in central Maine. We offer over 3200 sqft of shopping space, gunsmithing services, and a training area. Our staff is passionate about what they do and we want to ensure that every customer we service leaves with confidence that they have had the best possible customer service experience. We take pride in making our customers feel like a part of the family

Trevor Brooks- Owner: US Navy/Iraq war veteran.

Trevor grew up in the firearms and archery world. Learning about the different facets of shooting sports and the outdoors from his father, Dan who had his own FFL and was an accomplished outdoorsman and marksman. Trevor Competed in marksmanship and archery competition as a youngster, spending hours building his knowledge base and developing his skills. After the events of 9/11 Trevor joined the US Navy and served with the Seabees in Iraq. Trevor is a junior Olympic archery instructor, US Navy expert marksman, NRA pro marksman and accomplished competitive shooter. Trevor has over 16 years of experience in sales, business and management. He is a philanthropist and life long martial artist as well as a loving father.

Ryan Gagnon- Owner: US Navy veteran/multiple theaters of conflict.

Ryan’s love for the shooting sports and hunting started at a young age. He began hunting with family as soon as he was old enough to shoulder a rifle. This was a passion that never left him, and he spent much of his free time learning how to be an effective outdoorsman. He would practice with his firearms relentlessly and studied what he could find on the be practices for hunting game in the Maine woods. He too would spend time with Dan, his uncle to learn what he could about gunsmithing and the firearms business. Ryan would go on to enlist in the US Navy. Serving as a Seabee Ryan attached to special warfare, he operated all over the world training heavily with countless weapons platforms the military had at its disposal. Ryan is an accomplished outdoorsman, a US Navy expert marksman, a retired senior NCO and possesses incredible firearms knowledge. He has over 22 years in leadership, management and logistics. He’s a loving father and husband and an avid sports fan.




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